Valentine’s Day!

Mito lives on the second floor of the MNL and does not go outside. He does, however, have kitty neighbors whom he sees out the window. Do you think he has an unrequited love for one?

Please send Valentine’s Cards to Mito to show your affection!

40 Library Street

Mystic, CT


Maybe Mito got a valentine!


Mito’s Adoption Day!

Mito recently had his First Adoption Day on November 13th, 2017, which double-functioned as his birthday! We estimate that he is now about 5 years old.

Mito’s Gift Registry:

  1. Da Bird
  2. Catnip Mouse
  3. Scratching Post Jungle-Gym

Mito celebrating his birthday!

A toy for Mito!



Library Cats in the News!

Library kitties rule!

Hi Everybody!

This post is about library cats who made it to news sites across the web! The following is a list of articles about library cats and their stories, triumphs and travails!

  1. Here is an article from the website “Mental Floss” about 10 library cats across the country!
  2. This is a discussion about library cats and their effect on human patrons from American Libraries Magazine.
  3. From LoveMeow, a cat lover website, a list of library cats from around the world!
  4. From the Chicago Tribune, an article about Stacks, the last library cat in Illinois.
  5. Open Education Database has provided the definitive guide to library cats!
  6. And finally, from NPR, the happy conclusion to the story of Browser, the library cat in Texas who almostĀ lost his job.

Please enjoy, and keep rooting for library cats!


Batcat Lives!

Mito as Batcat!

Over Halloween, Mito showed off his costume chops by assuming the form of BatCat, the heroic feline who saves the world from evil, book-chewing mice. Wonder if we’ll see the form of a great black cat in a police beacon tonight!! (It’ll be even better, now that we know his true identity!)




Emily, our previous library cat, lived at the library for 16 years. She was a rescue cat who enjoyed parties, hunting (especially bats and finches), and being pet by the library staff members and patrons. She was very well loved and has her own page on the library website. Emily also had a marble statue made of her, which unfortunately disappeared during construction. She is buried on the library’s grounds, and our director believes that she is still haunting the library. I believe that Mito and Emily’s ectoplasm are best friends.